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Knowledge is Power: Our Story

Updated: Apr 25

“One who does not know his history is like that leaf that does not know its a part of a tree”

We welcome one and all to the Julien Day School family. It is only fitting to start this blog with Founder’s Day. So here’s a brief history of our school.

Kolkata, the city of joy, has always been at the forefront of all things educational. And this is exactly where the Late Mrs.Grace Julien , a lady of great determination, grit and extraordinary will power, decided to build an educational institution to provide quality education to children from all walks of life as she believed that "Children are a gift from the Lord , a reward from Him."

The school at 35E , Elgin Road was established in the year 1969 and Mrs S.E.Broughton held office as the Headmistress in the initial years. The school logo was designed by her. It constitutes the lotus, the symbol of our land; a pen and a pencil, the basic stencils required for schooling; a flame, symbolizing the fire within a student to learn and share the knowledge gained; and the motto “ Knowledge is power”

Over the years three more branches were established at Ganganagar , Kalyani and Howrah in the years 1976 , 1988 and 2007 respectively. Today all four schools have grown with leaps and bounds to be leading centers of immersive learning and one of the most sought after ICSE & ISC schools in and around Kolkata offering all three streams - Science, Commerce and Humanities.

The school celebrated its 25 years journey in 1994 which was attended by the head of Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa as the chief guest. Usha Uthup was also part of the celebration. In 2019 the school celebrated its 50 year journey with equal excitement and enthusiasm.

The aim of the school is to provide and maintain the best academic standards to children who would become the future pillars of our society. Our Managing Trustee Mrs S.E.Broughton nurtured her mother's dream and carried forward the legacy. Greatly inspired by the words of Sir Francis Bacon - 'Knowledge itself is power ' , and a strong believer of knowledge being an apt investment, she chose to keep our school motto as 'Knowledge is power'. All four schools stand tall with her son, our Chairman Mr.J .G. Broughton helming them and leading them to achieve success with the changing times. Our chairman with his team ensures students are molded to become independent and most importantly good human beings. They are empowered to face the world on their own. Our school provides every student with a 360 degree holistic development using fun and innovative techniques and visualizations so as to provide them with this real world experience . While the child’s overall development takes precedence their safety and security are a priority. A school is a child’s second home and we are proud that we have been able to establish a safe and nurturing environment for our children to learn and grow in.

With the passing of each year our school has gained recognition for its experimental approaches towards education. The school has developed its unique educational philosophy blending ideas from western pedagogies and the Indian academic system solely aiming at the all round development of children.

We are beyond honored to be able to share this rich history together and are looking forward to continuing doing so in the future as well.

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