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Inter Branch Throwball - 2024

The Inter Branch Throwball Tournament for Girls was in all honesty, a celebration of life,

friendship, sports and skill.

the JDS throwball teams from Howrah, Kolkata, Kayani, and Ganganagar
From left to right, the JDS throwball teams from Howrah, Kolkata, Kayani, and Ganganagar.

Howrah provided ample space, warm hospitality and a very conducive atmosphere for the


It was, to put mildly – fun! Each game was a thriller. There were screams of joy and

frustration, upsets and surprises galore and we were all privileged to watch our “flowers”


Our Julienite girls are taking over this part of the planet by storm. Nobody would ask for

more when our Chairman Mr. J. G. Broughton himself was present and very much “into”

every game. He is after all, the BIGGEST Sport enthusiast of our JDS family. Our Director of

Education and Development, Mr. Terence John, was present as were the Principals, Vice

Principals, Teachers-In-Charge and Junior Coordinators of all our branches. The match officials from the West Bengal Throwball Association did a commendable job

keeping score and making certain all participants played by the rules.

Winners of Interbranch Throwball 2024 - Julien Day School Kalyani
Winners of the Interbranch Throwball 2024 - Julien Day School Kalyani

“All good things must end”, they say, and our day ended too. The winners are …. JDS

Ganganagar in 3rd place, Kolkata in 2nd and Kalyani did a repeat of what they did last year.

They won the tournament for the second time.

The most promising player was from JDS Kalyani (Jersey No. 01) Manonita Saha and the Best player was also from JDS Kalyani (Jersey No. 08) Sornila Mondal. It is no surprise that they were the champs!

Looking forward to next year with high hopes.

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