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I Know My School: An educational school tour

On 4 July 2024, the students of Class 5 were taken on an informative Tour around our School premises to familiarize them with various facilities and their functions. This tour aimed to enhance their awareness and appreciation of the school environment.

The tour began around 12:00 noon, where the students were briefed about the visit's agenda and were taken around by their teachers. The students were divided into small groups, each accompanied by a teacher.

Tour of the administrative offices given to the students.
Tour of the administrative offices given to the students.

They were first taken out for a tour of the main school building. The students were shown the principal’s office, vice-principals office, administrative offices, and staff rooms. They learned about the roles of different staff members and the importance of each office in the smooth functioning of the school.

The Teacher-in-Charge, Vice Principal, and Principal discussing the value of every office for the school's seamless operation.

Next, the students visited various classrooms, including those for higher grades.

They observed the well-organized and decorated classrooms, which highlighted students' and teachers' creativity and hard work. This also sets a positive example for maintaining their classroom. The tour then proceeded to the science laboratories.

Science teacher showing students around the science labs.
Science teacher showing students around the science labs.

The well-equipped physics, chemistry, and biology labs fascinated the students. The science teachers briefly demonstrated simple experiments and explained the importance of practical learning in understanding scientific concepts. The computer lab was another highlight of the tour. The students were excited to see the rows of computers and learn about the various software and educational programs they would use in their studies. The computer teacher emphasised the importance of digital literacy in today's world.

Students touring the library and learning about its many genres.
Students touring the library and learning about its many genres.

The school library was an enchanting place for the students. They were introduced to the library system, how to borrow books, and the wide range of genres available. The librarian encouraged the students to cultivate a habit of reading and utilising the library resources regularly. The students were also taken to the sports complex, which includes the playground, basketball court, and indoor games room. The physical education teacher explained the significance of sports and physical activities in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building team spirit.

The tour concluded around 01:00 PM, and the students returned to their respective classrooms to share their experiences and reflections. The teachers addressed the students' questions and reinforced the value of each facility in their educational journey. Overall, the tour was a great success. It made the students aware of their school's resources and instilled a sense of pride and responsibility towards their school environment.

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