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Shaping Little Minds

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Children are naturally overflowing with pure pleasure and delight. Within the unique self, pure joy and ecstasy are sparks of divinity. The drudgery of learning, which begins in early infancy, is the single most important element depriving children of their joy and delight. We at Julien Day School, which welcomes students as early as the Nursery section, strive to instil a love of learning as well as a love of learning at all levels, but especially at the primary level. At this stage, the curriculum is designed to decrease boredom and increase learning pleasure, making learning a pleasurable process.


Our classrooms, notably in the nursery and kindergarten levels, are equipped with facilities that is required of any modern educational institution. Instead of being led by the nose, children are permitted to explore and discover new things. This adds excitement to the procedure and makes it less time-consuming.

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