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Our Little Mentors

It is said that we learn twice when we teach. To instill and promote this very notion the Principal of Julien Day School, Mr. Bobby Baxter took the initiative to introduce Our Little Mentors.

Our Little Mentors is a goal where the students of Classes 4-10 teach a concept from a chosen subject to the students from classes a year junior to them.

The aim of this exercise is for students to discover that learning does not have to be strenuous and contrary to popular belief can actually be fun and educational in more ways than one.

The students have been provided guidance by the concerned teachers to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to present the concept lesson to their junior classes with utmost confidence.

Our little mentor is a program by Julien Day School to enhance learning among students because we learn twice when we teach.
Our Little Mentor

Students have been chosen from all sections of the classes concerned, giving us a sizable number of students teaching a wide-ranging number of subjects from the school curriculum.

These concept lessons have been captured on video and the students can be seen using relevant teaching aids like charts, models, coloured chalks and even the ICT board along with interactive sessions during the class.

The classes receiving the lessons have provided positive feedback saying it was a delightful and enjoyable experience.

Our Little Mentors themselves are enjoying this novel and creative approach to learning and are very enthusiastic and giving their 100% in class.

It is safe to say that we have achieved our goal of making learning fun with our Little Mentors initiative and are looking forward to integrating more such creative learning techniques into our curriculum in the future.

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