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Innowiz 2022: JDS students placed first and third.

Science is an integral part of our education, and it's always exciting to participate in science competitions. This year, our school was privileged to participate in the science inter-school competition, Innowiz-2022, organized by the Assembly of God Church, Tollygunge. The competition took place on November 16th and 17th, 2022, and we participated in 10 out of the 11 events.

The first day of the competition began with Illunox, where our participants Swayam Sharma and Neelesh Shaw showcased their knowledge of light and optics. The second event was Farm to Fork, where Suddhi Ray represented our school and presented a project that highlighted the importance of organic farming.

Julien Day School led by Neelesh Shaw and Swayam Sharma took first place in the Illunox competition.
Julien Day School led by Neelesh Shaw and Swayam Sharma took first place in the Illunox event.

In the second half of the day, our team of Pratham Ved Kirtania and Swapnil Ganguly participated in Earthly Artistry and demonstrated their artistic skills by creating beautiful structures using natural materials. The next event was Mechaniz, where Nyrit Saha and Chandrajit Saraswat displayed their technical know-how by designing and building a machine. The preliminary round of Mind Martians took place online, and our participants Tathagata Banerjee and Turjo Bhattacharya put their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the test. Our school also participated in online events such as Chem Canvas, where Amritanshu Shaw showcased his knowledge of chemistry, and Techkriti, where Aditya Pramanik and Priyanshu Mukherjee displayed their tech skills.

The first day ended with Mecathlon, where Rishav Bhuin and Aranya Sadhukhan represented our school and competed in a range of activities that tested their skills in mechanics.

Julien Day School wins third in Innowiz 2022 event.
Julien Day School led by Aranya Sadhukhan and Rishav Bhuin took third place in the Mecathlon event.

The second day of the competition started with Clash of Words, where Prosmit Das and Avasha Singh showcased their vocabulary and communication skills. Later in the day, the final round of Mind Martians took place offline, where Tathagata Banerjee and Turjo Bhattacharya displayed their knowledge of science and technology.

The results of the competition were announced on the same day, and we were delighted to secure the first position in Illunox and the third position in Mecathlon. However, regardless of the results, we believe that participation is more important than winning. We are proud of all our participants who put in their best efforts and learned valuable lessons.

We would like to thank our Chairman, Principal, Vice-Principal, and Science teachers, Bibhabasu Sir, Sayan Sir, Mrinal Sir, Abhay Sir, and Tripathi Sir, for their constant support and guidance. We would also like to thank Abhijit Pathak Sir and Debashish Sir for their technical support, and our dear participants who participated with great enthusiasm.

Innowiz-2022 was a fantastic experience for us, and we learned a lot from participating in various events. We look forward to participating in more such competitions in the future and showcasing our skills and knowledge.

Team representing Julien Day School in Innowiz 2022
Team representing Julien Day School in Innowiz 2022

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