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Exploring the Vidhan Sabha: An Unforgettable School Trip

The students of Julien Day School, Kolkata, embarked on an enriching journey on the 1st of August, 2023, with an educational visit to the West Bengal Vidhan Sabha. This unique opportunity provided them with firsthand insights into the workings of the state's legislative process.

As the clock struck 10 in the morning, the students arrived at the Assembly House, brimming with excitement. By 10:45 AM, they found themselves comfortably seated in the gallery of the Assembly's meeting hall, eager to witness a live session in action.

The young minds were captivated by the dynamic atmosphere as they observed the proceedings of the Assembly unfold before their eyes. Their gazes fell upon the distinguished seat designated for the honorable Speaker, Mr. Biman Banerjee, a symbol of authority and responsibility. Alongside, they noticed the designated areas where the Opposition members voiced their concerns, and the Ministry representatives formulated responses to the questions raised by the Opposition.

Engrossed in the experience, the students keenly followed the Question Hour and the Zero Hour. During the Question-Answer session, Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) passionately debated matters concerning education and public development projects. These real-life discussions mirrored the lessons they had studied in their textbooks, enhancing their understanding of the democratic process.

Throughout the visit, the students imbibed the importance of maintaining decorum and dignity during the Assembly's proceedings. They recognized the pivotal role the Speaker plays in orchestrating these sessions, managing debates, and ensuring order in the house. Equally remarkable was their observation of the Leader of the Opposition, who assumed a significant role in representing alternative viewpoints.

This on-site experience allowed the students to connect the dots between theoretical concepts and practical applications. They comprehended the critical role played by the Question Hour and gained insights into the responsibilities of both the Speaker and the Leader of the Opposition through hands-on participation.

Undoubtedly, this outing left an indelible mark on the students. The opportunity to witness a live Legislative Assembly Session from the vantage point of the observers' gallery proved to be a truly unforgettable and educational experience.

Students of Julien Day School, Kolkata at the West Bengal Legislative Assembly
Students of Julien Day School, Kolkata at the West Bengal Legislative Assembly

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