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Better Tomorrow : An initiative by JDS Ganganagar

The choices and decisions we make today are what determine our future. Over the years Julien Day School has taken several such steps towards a better tomorrow and on 25th January 2023, we took yet another one.

Julien Day School, Ganganagar once again took up an initiative towards Social Awareness and Development, with the sole aim of helping, sustaining, growing and promoting the society at large. This time it's MENSTRUAL HEALTH AND HYGIENE of adolescent girls in the urban slums of our city.

The goal was to provide more than just access to sanitary pads and appropriate toilets. It was also about ensuring women and girls, living below the poverty level, are able to manage their menstruation with dignity. This is about educating these adolescent girls about the facts of menstruation and proper Hygiene practices.

For these girls, living in the urban slums, menstruation, even in today’s day and age, menstruation is surrounded by various psychological and religious barriers, due to a lack of proper knowledge and superstitions, which they need to overcome first.

Educating these girls at the grassroots level would definitely be an important stepping stone towards "WOMEN EMPOWERMENT".

Using sanitary napkins, keeping themselves clean during this time by using soap and water, changing and disposal of the sanitary napkins in the proper place, all form a part of this social project. They should also be made well aware of the detrimental effects it can have on their health, if proper hygiene is not maintained. Not only the girls, but their family members should also be made aware of the proper health care that these girls would require during this time.

The female students of Julien Day School, Ganganagar, educated these girls about the Health and Hygiene practices.

Keeping their financial condition in mind....The idea of "ONE SANITARY NAPKIN A RUPEE" from JAN AUSHADHI KENDRA MADHYAMGRAM was also introduced to them.

They enlightened these girls and guided them towards a better, brighter and safer future, where they can live with dignity and courage.

We aspire to take many such steps in the future and hope this small initiative from a small corner of our city reaches out to and inspires millions and bring about a reformation, thus promising all "THE UNDERPRIVILEGED WOMEN" of our nation and the whole world "A BETTER TOMORROW ".

Students of Julien Day School Ganganagar and residents of slums displaying posters to promote menstruation hygiene.
Julien Day School Ganganagar students and residents of slums display posters to promote menstruation hygiene.

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