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Inter-branch Table Tennis Tournament

Julien Day School, Howrah, proudly hosted the Inter-Branch Table Tennis Tournament on May 13, 2023. This highly anticipated event brought together students, teachers, and esteemed guests from the four branches of Julien Day School. With the presence of our Managing Trustee, Mrs. S. E. Broughton, Chairman Sir Mr. J. G. Broughton, and other distinguished personalities, the tournament proved to be an illustrious and esteemed affair.

Julien Day School Inter Branch Table Tennis Tournament
Inter-Branch Table Tennis Tournament organised by Julien Day School Howrah

Representing their respective schools, four teams participated in this prestigious tournament. Each team consisted of a boys' singles player, a girls' singles player, and a mixed doubles team. The officiating team included referees of national and international repute, adding to the credibility and excitement of the tournament. Furthermore, the matches were live-streamed on YouTube, allowing a wider audience to witness the intense competition.

The tournament showcased exceptional skills and sportsmanship, with several matches turning into nail-biters and humdingers. The Boys' Singles Final witnessed a thrilling clash between JDS Ganganagar and JDS Kolkata, while the Girls' Singles Final featured a fierce contest between JDS Ganganagar and JDS Kalyani. The Mixed Doubles Final brought together the talented teams from JDS Ganganagar and JDS Howrah.

Champion of the Girls Singles Table Tennis Competition of Julien Day School
Tanishtha Mandal - Champion of the Girls Singles

Champion of Boys Singles Table Tennis Competition at Julien Day School
Ishan Roy- Champion of Boys Singles

Ishan Roy of JDS Ganganagar emerged as the Boys' Singles Champion, displaying remarkable prowess on the table. Tanishtha Mandal of JDS Kalyani claimed the title of Girls' Singles Champion, showcasing her skill and determination. The Mixed Doubles Champions were Priyanshu Das and Somashree Giri of JDS Howrah, who exhibited exceptional coordination and teamwork. Ishan Roy was honoured as the best player in the boys' category, while Tanishtha Mandal received recognition as the best player in the girls' category.

Mr. Terrence John, our Director of Education and Development and Principal of JDS Kalyani, presented the Overall Champions Trophy to the deserving team representing JDS Ganganagar. This recognition highlighted their outstanding performance and collective effort throughout the tournament.

Julien Day School Ganganagar bags the overall championship of Table Tennis Held at Julien Day School Howrah
Overall Champions - Julien Day School Ganganagar

The Inter-Branch Table Tennis Tournament proved to be a grand and phenomenal success, thanks to the diligent work and dedication of the organizing team. Their efforts were applauded by all, as they ensured a seamless and memorable event. The tournament not only celebrated the talent and passion of the participants but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and team spirit among the Julien Day School community.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants for their remarkable achievements. The tournament served as a testament to the school's commitment to promoting sportsmanship, discipline, and excellence. Julien Day School looks forward to hosting more such events that inspire and showcase the immense potential of our students in various arenas.

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